ADCT validation

Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool (ADCT) was rigorously tested with 270 US adult patients who were clinically diagnosed with atopic dermatitis by a healthcare professional.1 Two separate studies confirmed that ADCT is a valid and reliable tool for assessing atopic dermatitis control with the ability to detect clinically meaningful change of disease control in a person over time.1,2 After initial validation in adults, content validity and psychometric evaluation were also confirmed in adolescents. Ongoing research will test and validate ADCT in the paediatric AD population (< 12 years).

The Harmonising Outcome Measures for Eczema (HOME) initiative has endorsed ADCT as one of the core instruments for assessing long-term control in atopic dermatitis in clinical trials.3

ADCT initial development and validation

Development and initial validation of ADCT followed the US Food and Drug Administration PRO Guidance and was conducted via three stages of research1

Stage 1: Targeted literature review and interviews with clinical experts
  • Literature review for concepts and already existing instruments
  • Interviews with clinical dermatologists
Stage 2: Concept elicitation and cognitive debriefing interviews with atopic dermatitis patients
  • Development of the final 6-item ADCT
Stage 3: Construct validity, reliability and scoring thresholds of the pilot ADCT
  • Cross-sectional, web-based survey of 270 adults (aged 18–75 years) in the United States
ADCT longitudinal validation

Ongoing prospective, longitudinal patient survey study (RELIEVE-AD) with US patients
(6-month follow-up, n = 206)2

  • Test-retest reliability of ADCT
  • Correlation between ADCT Total Score and other PROMs
  • ADCT ability to detect change (responsiveness)

PRO, patient-reported outcome; PROM, patient-reported outcome measure

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  •  Accessed November 2019