A comprehensive and efficient assessment of atopic dermatitis control

Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool (ADCT) was developed to enable patients with atopic dermatitis to assess self-perceived atopic dermatitis control across multiple aspects of this chronic condition.

ADCT is designed to comprehensively assess multidimensional atopic dermatitis control in a standardised way. The six brief questions are quick for patients to complete and easy to interpret.

By bringing together different domains in a single, validated tool, ADCT can be used to initiate meaningful patient-physician conversations on sustained atopic dermatitis control.

ADCT is not intended to replace the physician’s medical judgment in diagnosing and treating the patient.

ADCT is linguistically validated and available for download in several languages. Patients should use ADCT in their own language.

The ADCT questionnaire should be answered in your native language.
Please select your preferred language from the list of validated languages below.

All available translations have undergone linguistic validation processes. If your preferred language is unavailable, reach out to MAPI Research Trust to submit a request: Please do not translate the tool yourself.

Download ADCT patient form and physician information card
Overview of available ADCT materials
ADCT patient form

The ADCT patient form provides an easy means of completing ADCT and evaluating total ADCT score in clinical practice.

This questionnaire is suitable for self-directed use by patients to complete ADCT and evaluate their total ADCT score. The six brief questions can be easily completed at home or during a routine consultation.

Patients may benefit from guidance around scoring ADCT prior to using ADCT for the first time.

ADCT was developed to facilitate patient-physician discussion on control of atopic dermatitis. ADCT is not intended to replace the physician’s medical judgment in diagnosing and treating the patient.

ADCT HCP information card
ADCT HCP information card

The ADCT HCP information card provides you with a short summary of ADCT, its development and validation process as well as some general recommendations for the interpretation of the ADCT total score in daily practice, based on validation and longitudinal studies.