Introducing ADCT

  • Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool (ADCT) – a validated, brief and easily scored patient self-assessment tool
  • Six concise questions to evaluate the different dimensions of atopic dermatitis (AD) control identified as relevant by patients and clinicians
  • ADCT can be self-administered by patients or used in routine consultations
  • ADCT is designed to help facilitate meaningful patient-physician discussion on control of AD in every day clinical practice, enabling improvements in disease monitoring

Development of ADCT involved literature review and interviews with patients as well as physicians. Six main areas were found critical in assessing the multi-dimensional aspects of AD control over the course of one week.

ADCT comprises six different domains of atopic dermatitis disease control in a single, validated tool:

Overall severity of AD symptoms

Frequency of intense episodes of itching

Extent of AD-related bother

Frequency of sleep impact

Impact of AD on daily activities

Impact of AD on mood or emotions

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ADCT Video

Watch Prof. Eric Simpson and Dr Laurent Eckert present ADCT