Comprehensive assessment of atopic dermatitis (AD) control in six brief questions

Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool (ADCT) is a validated, brief and easily scored tool for use in clinical practice and clinical research. Its six concise questions allow patients and physicians to evaluate the different dimensions of patient-perceived AD control.

ADCT can be self-administered by patients and used in routine consultations and is designed to help facilitate meaningful patient–physician discussion on control of atopic dermatitis.

The ADCT has been validated for use in adult and adolescent patients (12 years and older) with atopic dermatitis.1 A pediatric (8 - 11 years) and a caregiver (patients aged 6 - 11 months) version of the ADCT questionnaire have also been developed and validated, currently these two versions are pending threshold validation.2 Materials on this website refer to the adult/adolescent version if not specified.

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About ADCT

Comprehensive assessment of AD control in six brief questions

How to use ADCT

Quick to complete, easy to interpret

ADCT Validation

Scientifically validated

  • Pariser DM, et al. Evaluating patient-perceived control of atopic dermatitis: design, validation, and scoring of the Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool (ADCT). Curr Med Res Opin (2019) doi:10.1080/03007995.2019.1699516
  • Simpson E, et al. Poster presented at: EADV October 2021. P0253